A patient Mr. K.V. Paul from Lourdupuram, Thrissur came to the ‘Sree Sankara Madom’. He had been suffering from severe pain on his toe joint. He consulted the Metropolitan Hospital, Ortho Department. The Doctor advised to take X-ray and prescribed medicines for 15 days. After taking medication for 15 days, there was no relief and pain continued..
After 15 days he visited the Doctor again. The Doctor took an injection on the Toe to sooth the pain. Then gradually the pain decreased, but after a month the pain re-started and worsened to a stage that he could not walk at all. It is at this time he heard about Sree sankara madom parambarya chikitsalayam and its ayurvedic treatments for pain relief. He came and consulted with Dr. Jayaprakash. On 14 April 2012, the Doctor promised he will cure and eliminate the pain. He started massaging from 14 April and continued it for 14 days. He got gradual relief and pain vanished completely. Continued the Massaging for 3-4 days more. That treatment was very effective and he got complete cure from his illness.

K.V. Paul
Korethe House
Behind Lourd's Church Lourdpuram

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