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Sree sankara madom parambarya chikitsalayam has 200 year's tradition in the field of Ayurveda. In 1937 chief vaidyan Perumbilly Sankaran passed away and in the year 1940 . Unfortunately the heavy storm and rain washed away the huge building (called slamby)-Financialy unsound background and the lack of male physician ended up in Madom being unable to treat or consult the villagers (Ladies were not allowed for practice in those days)during that period, (1940-65) this pulled the services of 'Madom' a generation backward. In 2003, the 'Madom' was re-constructed and in - patient treatments were re-started under Dr.p.n.Bhatathiri a well known scholar in Ayurveda who had retired from central institute of pancha karma. In 2006'Madom' started an Ayurvedic marma clinic in home town Thrissur at Marar road. In 2009, AMRITA LIFE medicines began to be sold through our clinic counter.


Ayurveda is the most eco friendly treatment having no side effects. It is a way of life which involves reliance on herbs and natural substances. In fact, it not only involves curation through medicines and massages, but also a message to all living organisms to materialize a healthy living. Here, we offer simple and enjoyable therapies that provide the best relief from pain within a short time.

Spreading this miraculous healing touch over the world is Sree Sankara Madom with a tradition of expertise in genuine ayurveda up to six generations. Sree Sankara Madom was renovated in 1963 and were curing thousands of patients with natural medicines, Yoga practices and there by creating a young enthusiastic generation . After years Physician Jayaprakash, came forward with lot of aspirations to provide better result oriented treatments.

We offer the best therapies and treatments for the health and happiness of the individual, thus leading to a healthy and happy society. The full fledged Ayurvedic health center under eminent Ayurvedic physicians provide most authentic and comprehensive treatment to all ailments. Sree Sankara Madom is a traditional Kerala based Ayurvedic hospital that began as a Marma specialised panchakarma hospital . We concentrate more on treatments and results than facilities. we can offer cent percent guarantee on treatments for following diseases.

We have been successful in curing the following diseases for over years
  • Knee Pain
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Varicose vein
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Ear Balance(Vertigo)

Why Us ?

Marma Chikitsa is a significant aspect of AYURVEDIC treatments. Marmas are specific points on the body where the application of pressure induces the flow of vital energy (prana) along a complex system of subtle channels called 'nadis'. Based on the knowledge enumerated in Dhanur Veda (deals in martial art), ayurveda recognizes about 107 therapeutic marma points. The injury to some of these lethal marma points can lead to instant death. Massage is widely applied in the treatment of marmas. Thus healing through marma abhayangam affects the chakras, Physical health and the doshas. The purpose of a marma Abhayangam is to stimulate the various body organs and systems. Marma therapy focuses on energizing the body to relieve occupational illness and stress related diseases.

Marma Chikitsa is basically a neuromuscular and orthopedic science. Oil therapy or Snehana is an important part of marma chikitsa. Warm, medicated oils are applied in large amount all over the body; the medicated oils are used in specific body sites such as on the chakras and marma points or at specific trouble spots, the body is then massaged using these oils

Apart from the treatments, we remove the waste matter accumulated inside the body frequently (once in 3 weeks) in which we use herbal vapour injection along with our special therapy oil. We agitate the body wastes towards the circulatory system which is purified by the kidneys and expelled out in the mean time. Hence the blood circulation becomes smooth and the pumping load on the heart is less compared to that before our therapy, which is already proved. Cardiac muscles develop enough strength and valves become safe for correct working if you are regular with this therapy ('Navaprana' , once in 3 weeks).

During the therapy all the vital points on the body are checked and corrected for their proper functioning. We can guarantee you a circulatory system free from clotting / haemorrhage there by avoiding paralysis and heart failure of the patients if they are regular and punctual with our treatments

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Hospital - Madom road, Kallur, Amballur, Thrissur

O.P Clinic -Marar road, Thrissur, Mob: 9446515531 / Ph: 0487-2427666

Web:www.sreesankaramadom.com, Email:sreesankaramadom@gmail.com

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